We believe that creating the right housing supply in California is necessary to preserve our diverse workforce, end chronic homelessness, add to economic opportunity and vitality, and reduce environmental impact. To do so we have enacted major new efforts that do not rely on government funding. The New Way Homes Fund fuels a new model for stimulating the construction of affordable and workforce rental housing. 

The Housing Crisis

Our lack of housing supply is rapidly changing our communities, adding to poverty, homelessness, environmental impacts, and wealth disparity.

Investing in the Future

Investing in the New Way Homes Fund supports the creation of affordable housing and improves the overall housing market for everyone in our region.

Our Team

NWH has assembled the experience needed to help provide scalable solutions to our housing needs.


Grant support for New Way Homes' work has been provided by:

The Inspiring Enterprise
The Hastings/Quillin Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Central California Alliance for Health
Nina and Sibley Simon
Diane & Richard Klein

Investors in / lenders to the New Way Homes Fund for affordable housing include the following:

Rowland & Patricia Rebele
Claudia Brown & David Evans
Sandy Gmür
Diane & Richard Klein
Sally Arnold & Christine Weir
Housing Trust Silicon Valley
Matt Guerrieri
Santa Cruz County Bank
Michael Holton
Daniel Spelce
Yolanda Provoste-Fuentes
Dignity Health
Religious Communities Investment Fund
Ted Burke
Community Foundation Santa Cruz County
Several Anonymous Investors