A simple pathway to turn under-utilized land into affordable rental housing:


1. Land owners are often left wondering where to turn, as they consider development options. These are community members with land but limited capital and limited construction expertise.


2. New Way Homes provides a pathway for land owners to turn under-utilized land into affordable and workforce rental housing.


3. New Way Homes will bring capital and a developer to the table. A joint venture is formed to collectively manage the essentials like project design & finance.


4. With the design, capital and a plan in place, we will next complete the necessary steps to project approval before starting construction!


5. After construction is finished both parties share earnings, and the original land owner can retain an option to own the new building in full.


New Way Homes provides a pathway for mission-aligned land owners to own 100% of new rental housing without putting down any capital, nor taking on the intensive construction process alone.

We are actively selecting sites in Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and Alameda Counties.