Investing in housing supply in our region is a sound investment decision. Investing in the New Way Homes Fund is also a contribution to creating a sustainable community.


Your investment is put to work here in our region.

You receive a 10-year Note. Annual interest payments have a minimum payment of about 2.5%. The target average annual return over all 10 years is 6%.

Measured, Transparent Impact
New Way Homes will measure and report on both the financial and social return on the fund.


  • Create environmentally and financially sustainable rental housing rented at below current market rates, without government subsidy for acquisition, development, and construction.
  • Creating sufficient supply to end the rapid rise in median rent in our region.
  • Creating the rental housing needed for our diverse workforce of today and our economic development of tomorrow.
  • Providing housing for all subsidy-supported households. Creating sufficient permanent supportive housing for services-supported individuals with special needs.
  • Adding to local economic growth by reducing the percentage of their income that households in the region pay for housing.
  • Realizing the vision of local jurisdictions for higher density areas that lessen transportation burdens.